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Texas Tech Early Music Ensemble: Blog

Sequentia: Fragments for the End of Time

Posted on January 15, 2010


On January 15th we welcomed Benjamin Bagby and Norbert Rodenkirchen of the world-renowned medieval ensemble Sequentia to the Legacy Events Center in Lubbock, where they performed their program "Fragments for the End of Time." Ben Bagby also guest-lectured at the first meeting of Prof. Mariani's Medieval Music Seminar.

Benjamin Bagby is one of the world's foremost scholar-performers of medieval music. The combination of singing, storytelling, harping, and sheer magic that he brings to his performances are legendary in the world of early music. Norbert Rodenkirchen is a master soloist and improviser on a variety of early flutes. Their concert program was a collection of dramatic, beautiful, and powerful medeival songs and tales exploring apocalyptic visions of the End of Days and the Last Judgement.  The historical instruments used by Bagby and Rodenkirchen included reconstructions of Germanic harps (based on 7th century instruments from Oberflacht, near Stuttgart), an early medieval triangular harp, and copies of medieval transverse flutes (including a flute made from a swan’s bone, based on an 11th century instrument unearthed near Speyer).

This was a fantastic and unforgettable event!