On June 16, 2017 at Early Music America’s annual meeting at the Boston Early Music Festival, Angela Mariani, Director of the Texas Tech Collegium Musicum, received the prestigious 2017 Thomas Binkley Award for “outstanding achievement in performance and scholarship by the director of a university or college collegium musicum.”
"Words cannot express how stunned, honored, and delighted I am to be selected as the 2017 Thomas Binkley Award Winner. This is especially meaningful to me as Tom was such an important teacher and mentor to me. I am humbled and grateful to accept the award, which really goes to my own teachers, and to the dozens of dedicated students who have taken part in the Texas Tech Collegium Musicum for the last sixteen years."

Binkley Award StarEarly Music America is the non-profit national service organization for the field of historical performance in North America (earlymusicamerica.org).  Their many initiatives include grants, scholarships, networking resources for members, publications, sponsorship of competitions, and an annual Young Performer’s Festival that showcases university-level early music performers. Every year, in addition to a number of scholarships and grants, they give three major awards: one for lifetime achievement in the world of historical performance; one for outreach and community education; and one for outstanding achievement in performance and scholarship by the director of a university or college early music ensemble or “collegium musicum.”   

More information can be found here.  (Click on “Thomas Binkley Award.”)






Dr. Angela Mariani, Director of the Texas Tech Collegium Musicum, has received Texas Tech's Barnie E. Rushing, Jr. Faculty Distinguished Research Award in Social Science, Humanities, and Creative Arts Disciplines, Texas Tech University, 2017. Many thanks and deep appreciation to the Texas Tech Parent's Association and the Office of the Vice President for Research.   

Dr. Angela Mariani, director of the Texas Tech Collegium Musicum, has received one of Early Music America's College Level Development Grants to support a workshop/clinic in 2017. Bob Wiemken of the famous Renaissance wind band Piffaro will come to Texas Tech in order to get Tech students "jump-started" on the new historical wind instruments that are being built for the Collegium Musicum. Our thanks and deep appreciation to Early Music America for their support!   

With great thanks and appreciation to Director William Ballenger, we have the go-ahead to order a set of Renaissance wind instruments to create what was called a "Loud Band" -- two sackbuts, two shawms, and a dulcian. The instruments will be built for us, and we should have them all by next year. Exciting news! Now I need volunteers . . .


Norbert_Rodenkirchen_photo-corinne_silva_resized.jpgHameln Anno 1284:

Medieval flute music on the trail of the Pied Piper

Norbert Rodenkirchen – medieval transverse flutes

with Chris Smith, narrator

Monday, Feb. 2, 2015, 8 pm

Hemmle Recital Hall, Texas Tech University School of Music

Free admission-sponsored by the Texas Tech School of Music, with additional support from Caprock Early Music Association

This Jan. 29-Feb. 2 We are delighted to welcome guest artist Norbert Rodenkirchen of the renowned medieval ensemble Sequentia, who will be giving a lecture and workshop on Friday afternoon January 30 for the Early Music Ensemble and the TTU Flute Studio, and presenting his "Hameln Anno 1248" concert program on Monday evening Feb 2 in Hemmle Recital Hall at the TTU School of Music.

O Mistress Mine: Music for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night 
April 14, 2014  7PM  St. Paul on the Plains, 1510 Ave X, Lubbock TX 


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